Exercise Mats

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Fitness mats, if you like to play sports in your own home every time you have the opportunity, are indispensable tools in your equipment. And, thanks to them, you can lie on the floor to do stretching and exercises of all kinds. In fact, whether it is pilates, yoga or any other discipline, it is best to use them together with mats, bicycle rugs and matching protective canvas. This way you will feel completely comfortable and, in addition, you will protect the floor of your home.

What are mats?

The mats are, basically, sheets of plastic padding or any other material that, when placed on the floor, give you, on the one hand, a good dose of thermal insulation and, on the other, a softer surface on which to be able work without your joints and bones suffer. All this means that you can feel much more comfortable when practicing yoga, pilates, meditation, etc.

How to choose mats?

- That they are adequate for the discipline you practice. The mats are designed specifically for a specific activity, so their characteristics are different.

- Do not scratch the ground. The mat, on the back, should have soft materials that offer grip to the surface without damaging it.

- That it has the right size. In addition, it is also important that it can be rolled and stored comfortably.