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The mercury climbs over the days and you have trouble withstanding these high temperatures? Remember to refresh your room using a cheap, functional and efficient fan. Designed to circulate the air constantly and efficiently, this practical and elegant accessory can be used in mid-season and heat waves. Highly appreciated during hot weather, it not only helps to lower the temperature by a few degrees, but also to facilitate the evaporation of perspiration. So, whether you're in the office, in your kitchen or in your living room, you'll be able to enjoy as fresh a breath as the natural breezes, despite the blazing sun.

What models of fans are proposed?

To effectively fight against heat, it is important to choose your device. Depending on your needs and the style of your interior, you will have to decide between a model on pedestal, ceiling, standing, column or without blades. Perfectly suited to small spaces, stand-mounted fans are in the form of a propeller placed under a grid. Appreciated for their low weight and reduced height, these small devices can be placed on a table or on a piece of furniture. Essentially used for offices, they can be easily moved from one place to another. Ceiling fans provide an optimal cooling experience during long summer periods. Equipped with a manual control, pull or infrared, these models can liven up a living room and bring a decorative touch. The ventilation devices on foot are not left behind. Equipped with different speed levels with an oscillating head, they are characterized by their ultra-wide air flow and their high flow. As for the fans in column, they are in the form of a tower diffusing a fresh air. Combining compact size and quiet operation, these space-saving devices provide a vertical airflow to quickly cool a room. Finally, the models without blades are characterized by their clean and futuristic design. Delivering a real sense of well-being, these new generation devices are easy to clean.

How to choose a fan?

- Evaluate how much space you have to accommodate your device.

- Bet on a model emitting less than 40 dB to avoid any noise, especially if you plan to install it in your bedroom.

- Let yourself be tempted by a ceiling fan with extra lights, if you want to brighten your interior while enjoying the coolness.

- Take into consideration the different options available (essential oil diffusion system, mosquito repellent, etc.) in order to choose the model that will correspond exactly to your needs.

- Choose a cheap fan with several speeds, so that you can freely select the level of freshness you want to have during the day and evening.

- Plan on a model with a minimum power of 100 to 150 m³ / min to effectively ventilate an entire room. But opt ​​for a small auxiliary fan capable of providing an air flow of 15 m³ / min to refresh only one person.
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