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Filter pumps: sanitize the water in your basins

The use of a pump is essential to beautify the pleasure pools and keep the water clean. Whether it's a fountain, a pool or any garden pond, your choice will depend on several criteria that are related to the convenience, efficiency and strength of a material that you will use regularly.

Which pump model for which needs?

There are submersible pumps suitable for ponds, ponds and fountains. Their function is to stir the water and filter it to remove impurities and dirt. Some models will even allow you to create jets of water, while ensuring their filtering role. If you need to bring water to your garden to irrigate it, there are also high-pressure pumps. Be aware that in all cases, it will provide an electrical connection device.

How to choose your pump?

- Give yourself a submersible device, more discreet and easy to handle.

- Opt for a solar energy pump: it is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and will not weigh on your electricity bill.

- Choose a quiet model that will not disturb your peace.

- Check the flow rate and the capacity of the appliance which must be adapted to your use and the volume of water to be recycled.
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