Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers, a basic of safety

We are used to seeing large red extinguishers in our workplaces, but home is also a place where it is convenient to have them at your fingertips. Although the kitchen is the most prone to present problems and risks of fires, in the gardens or terraces with barbecue the fire extinguishers never hurt. The electrical fires, in addition, also can be cut off with the suitable extinguisher.

What fire extinguishers are there?

There are extinguishers of four kinds and they have been created to extinguish fires of different types. The class A extinguish fires that start with solid fuels, such as wood or cardboard; those of class B extinguish fires created from liquid fuels such as gasoline, paint or oil; those of class C extinguish fires originated with gases, such as butane or kerosene and those of class D extinguish fires created from metal, such as aluminum powder; These are the rarest. Each extinguisher works through a different agent: dust, CO2, water, water spray or foam.

How to choose fire extinguishers?

- Investigate what type of fire is most likely to occur in the place where you will place the extinguisher.

- Buy a CO2 or powder extinguisher if you are not sure. These are effective against ABC fire classes, the most common in flats and offices.

- Choose a size appropriate to the dimensions of the place or purchase a sufficient number of fire extinguishers.

- Make sure the extinguisher is rechargeable, so you will not have to change it, just fill it out and subject it to the necessary inspections.