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If you have your own stove at home or know it from friends, you know that this is more than just a source of heat. Apart from the fact that he can of course heat up the owner properly and that at relatively fair prices, he is also a real eye-catcher. The play of the flames fascinates big and small and also gives a certain security. A soothing warmth spreads in the room and gives an extra dose of coziness for the family home evening. In short, the stove is a real asset to quality of life even in your home.

What do I have to consider when buying a stove?

In order for the stove to create the right experience for you, there are a few things to consider before you buy. We will not go into detail about the aesthetics of this, as it is well known that it is in the eye of the beholder. Let's move on to one of the key points: quality. First of all, make sure that the selected model is approved according to DIN EN 13240 standard and also carries the CE mark. These two seals save you from the biggest traps in the stove purchase and guarantee a great deal of security. The material is then the second indicator in the quality question. So the firebox floor should be best made of cast iron, so that this holds as long as possible. The best way to read how the door is made is from test reports. Here, the glass should really be stuck and the handle should be able to close this well. Also make sure that it does not get too hot. After the quality of the stoves, the second important point is the functionality of this. One point to consider here is the efficiency, which describes the relationship between the fuel supplied and the heating power. This should be at least 73 percent. In addition, if the target room is not adequately ventilated, choose a stove with external air connection. Finally, you should consider the cleaning. Be sure to choose a model with a grate and ideally a lightweight ash container. If this also has a lid, the better.

How is the stove maintained and cleaned?

The stove should be cleaned as soon as the first soot appears on the window. Dip old newspaper into the cold ash and use it to wipe off the glass. Then clean it with clean paper. Then the ash can be disposed of. Be sure to remove them from the corners as well. Hinges, door handles and other small parts of the stoves can then be polished with a special grease. Finally, do not forget to also remove the stovepipe and remove any ash, so that it can not ignite. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also ask the chimney sweep once a year for help.
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