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Train the muscles with dumbbells and gym weights

Ideal for invigorating the muscles of the arms, acting on the biceps, triceps and deltoids, weights are a valid alternative to the classic barbell. Their structure consists of a handlebar, or a stainless steel rod, whose diameter has a measure that generally oscillates between 25 and 28 mm, and of two fixed or rotating ends, at the level of which the load is fixed desired.

Fixed and modular dumbbells: what are the differences between the models?

Unlike what happens with the fixed handlebar, which has a minimum weight of 500 grams, the modular variant can be loaded with the weight entity most suited to the specific needs of the case. The advantage that is obtained during training is represented by the possibility of stressing the muscles gradually, progressively increasing the load. A further model available on the market is given by Hi-Tech handlebars, which are distinguished by the presence of innovative load selectors, which allow you to select the desired weight quickly and easily.

How to choose a weight kit?

- Compare the diameter of the handlebar and weight kit, to ensure that the measures are compatible

- Pay attention to the presence of the appropriate weight locking systems: the one with threaded bar and screw tightening is generally the most used

- The vinyl coating can tighten the grip and protect the floor from scratches