Flat Sheets

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A peaceful and comfortable rest not only passes from the bed, but also from the sheets with which you decide to wrap mattresses and pillows. The various fabrics with which the sheets are packaged adapt to everyone's needs while different colors and patterns participate in creating the style of the bedroom.

Types and patterns of sheets

There are linens suitable for all types of beds: single, double or single bed; next to the ordinary sizes, particular sizes can be found on the market, for mattresses that are larger or smaller than normal.

The sheets can be purchased in sets with pillowcases in shades, patterns and matching subjects. You can find not only creative drawings but also reproductions of monuments and cities and any type of printed object: there are sheets dedicated to favorite teams, images of animals, landscapes, idols of the past and present. In addition to the classic cotton sheets, there are crochet and silk sheets; the latter, fresh and delicate on the skin, create a unique effect when stretched out on the bed. They are generally of a single color, to highlight the characteristics of silk; they are available in every shade, including elegant dark colors like black, red or blue.

The sets of sheets for single beds, very often intended for children and teenagers, are also sewn into the fantasies of the most famous cartoons, superheroes or favorite music groups and TV programs.

Pillowcases and sheets are also sold separately to create the most varied combinations. The pillowcases can be equipped with elastic corners, some are padded and covered with wool or warm fabrics for the winter. Next to the normal sheets we also find duvet covers to cover the cover with the most beautiful patterns.