Floor Polishers

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Give shine to every surface with a polisher

The polisher is an appliance that allows you to make any surface shine as if it were new. However, using it constantly, you can also take advantage of other advantages: polishing reduces friction and keeps the cleaner longer, guaranteeing you a higher level of hygiene. A floor polisher can therefore make cleaning easier by favoring the removal of dirt and protecting the tiles from wear. An orbital polisher, on the other hand, can be useful for car body care or for cleaning furniture and furnishings.

How does a polisher work?

A floor polisher works almost like a vacuum cleaner. Using it, you will notice in fact a tank integrated in the handle that has the task of containing the debris sucked during the passage. Its main function, however, is expressed through the rotating brush, which with its movement and its special bristles allows you to polish floors without leaving streaks. The orbital polisher is instead a more versatile tool, which combined with an abrasive paste even allows you to eliminate small surface scratches from the bodywork of the car and any other wood or metal surface.

How to choose a polisher?

- To avoid damaging the surfaces, use the polisher that is most suitable for the type of material to be treated

- Prediligi models equipped with interchangeable brushes, more comfortable and versatile

- Do not save on handling: the best floor polishers have an articulated handle and a trolley with multidirectional wheels

- Quality is in the details: the rubber guards around the brush protect the polisher and furniture from accidental bumps; a larger tank guarantees greater autonomy