Flower Seeds

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Flowers radiate beauty and spread pleasant scents in your garden or on the terrace. They also provide food and shelter for butterflies and even hummingbirds, which will fill your garden landscape with life. Invite the little visitors to your garden by planting different flower seeds. You will discover the favorite flowers of bees and those that attract butterflies to visit. You will also find flower seeds, from which grow beautiful flowers in every color of the rainbow and those that smell unique. Choose a floral style for your garden from this wide assortment.

The right seeds for you and your garden

It is very fulfilling and much cheaper to plant flowers than to buy potted plants. When choosing seeds for your garden, look for the climate and soil conditions of your area and look for flowers that are suitable for them. Consider the daily amount of sunlight that reaches the area you want to plant. For shady or sunny areas, there are many choices of plants.

Also, consider how much time you spend on the care of the flowers and whether you prefer flowers that self-propagate or grow in a specific, limited area. Wildflowers and indigenous plants need the least care and often bloom even when neglected. Imported crops may need more attention and specific soil and irrigation conditions. Self-propagating plants will fill an area if allowed to spread. Annual flowers live at most until winter, while perennial plants recur in spring.

With the wide selection of flower seeds, it is no problem to create the garden of your dreams. For the garden at the cottage or in the forest area you can choose from a variety of native wildflower seeds, such as poppy, chamomile, cornflowers, daisies and violets. These plants will attract local butterflies and beneficial insects to your garden. Thanks flowers with edible seeds such. Sunflowers, amaranth and millet you will have birds in the fall. Other wild flower seeds, such as chick peas, cornflowers, beauty eyes and cockade flowers, require little care and can be used to plant areas of poor soil or low water.

Create a new garden world

Formally designed gardens are admired for their clear boundaries, staggered plant heights and carefully planned flowering times. If you prefer such a garden, you could seeds of large and magnificent flowers such. B. larkspur and lupins behind lavender rows, with a low-growing planting on the opposite side such. B. Stone herb, violets or Kaisernelken plant. Choose flower seeds whose flowering times alternate, giving them cheerful colors throughout the season.

With modern flower seeds - cultivars it is possible to create an exotic landscape in almost any climate. Add a tropical touch to your garden landscape with bold colors and unique shapes. Flowers such as torch lilies, angel trumpets, peacock shrubs, orchids, field mouse passion flowers and miracle trees can create a tropical sanctuary in your garden. Sprinkle foliage plants with exotic colors such as lilac, crab, taro, and caladium to create a lush, jungle-like landscape.

A simple and inexpensive way to get the garden you want is seed mixtures. Choose a hummingbird - flower seed mixture to lure the tiny, flying gems into your yard. Wildflower blends are excellent for planting boundaries to forest or unkempt areas. There are flower seed packs that are specially designed to attract butterflies, fragrance blends to create a garden full of enchanting aromas, and those that contain a single floral species in different colors. These seed mixtures make planting very easy as you just have to follow the instructions to get a delightful flowerbed. Create many different landscapes in a single garden by planting different flower seed mixtures in each bed.