Folding Knives

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The folding knife is an object of everyday life that is very practical to open a package, cut an apple or slice a piece of bread. Popular with adventurers, loggers and picnic lovers, this essential tool fits easily into a pocket or bag. Campers and hikers never separate, as it is compact and useful.

Folding hiking knife with single blade, multiple blades or multifunction?

Whether with a smooth, toothed or combination blade, single blade folding folding knives are characterized by their simplicity, sturdiness and durability. With their wooden or metal handle, they offer a perfect grip. Some other folding hiking knives have two, three or four blades. Allowing to easily carve a piece of wood, they come in many forms. Finally, multifunction pocket knives incorporate many tools, such as a screwdriver, a saw, a corkscrew, an LED lamp, scissors or cutlery cutlery. The famous Swiss army knife is one of these versatile models.

How to choose a folding hiking knife?

- Opt for a folding knife with a smooth, serrated blade for cutting and cutting with the same efficiency.

- Prefer a small model to easily fit in your pocket without deforming it.

- Use a pocket knife with a stainless steel blade to use it during activities at the seaside.

- Make sure that the chosen model has a safety catch to lock the blade in the open position and prevent it from folding back.