Football Balls

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A Football Ball for each day

To provide your amateur football team or go out on Sunday to the park with the kids, there's nothing like choosing from a wide range of footballs. This good old accessory to always have in reserve at home is the ideal to improvise an afternoon between friends and make some shots on goal without putting pressure.

For Sport and Fitness

Practice at home, work precision, train in a team or for an improvised game, make sure you always have a football at hand. Depending on the use you make of it, a football can be transformed from toy to professional accessory. That's why the choice is more than broad. In the colors of your team or your favorite championship (Barça, PSG, Europa League ...), add the advantage of a nice football to the touch, it will delight budding goalkeepers. The material of the football is also essential for the solidity. Shooting at goal with crampon shoes requires more durable leather than for a few dribbling with friends in the garden before the barbecue is ready. Their characteristics in terms of size (4 or 5) will play on the precision of your trajectories or your imitation dribble Zizou. Between training, match or leisure, you have to choose! And why not bring a training kit officially sponsored by a team of your choice with backpack, pump, armbands and studs to play football as if we were there?

How to choose from Football Balls?

  • Choose its material and its manufacture (leather, seamless, waterproof).
  • Think that Foot almost rhymes with Look.
  • What is its use? Indoor, outdoor, punctual, regular, for children or adults.
  • Think of one of your favorite brands (Puma, Adidas ...)
  • Compare the prices of footballs according to your budget.
  • It's up to you to see if you want it already inflated or in pack with inflator.
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