Football Boots

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Football boots are lace-up sports shoes, typically with studs for playing on the grass. However, the sole to choose depends entirely on the terrain on which you play. Check our offers to find the shoe to your feet.

Which football shoe for which ground?

• Shoes with screwed cleats (SG): aluminum cleats are screwed to the sole. This allows to adjust them according to the humidity of the ground. Indeed, this type of shoes is ideal for playing on wet grass, even muddy. You can buy the aluminum crampons separately.

• Molded stud footwear (FG): rubber soles with molded cleats allow you to play on dry grass. The crampons can be round or designed in beveled slats.

• Artificial Turf (AG) Shoes: These shoes look like FG models, but there are more cleats to optimize grip on synthetic surfaces.

• Shoes with turf cleats: the soles of these models offer smaller and more numerous molded cleats, in order to play on a stabilized ground. The terrain does not allow the crampons to sink, these models can reduce discomfort while ensuring good grip.

• Futsal shoes: these shoes offer a textured sole for grip, but without cleats, to play in the room.

For an occasional player who does not wish to invest in several pairs of shoes, models with molded cleats (FG or AG) will be the most versatile models outdoors.