Freestanding Barbecues

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Barbecues on feet: conviviality at the rendezvous

Although it is now an integral part of Western culture, barbecuing has only become established in Europe about 500 years ago. Imported by Spanish explorers who have come into contact with a Caribbean tribe, this method of cooking is nowadays a must for our holidays and our moments of relaxation. What's more appetizing than the good smell of grilled meat or vegetables emanating from a standing barbecue?

Which barbecue on feet to choose and for what needs?

The barbecues on feet are today proposed in a large number of models having each specific characteristics: cooking with charcoal, with gas or with electricity, grilles of straight cooking, vagued or enamelled, presence or not of a fat collector, etc. Your purchase will be dictated by your frequency of use and the space you have, the number of people to serve and the nature of the dishes you want to prepare.

How to choose among the barbecues on feet?

- Choose a charcoal barbecue to enjoy the unique flavor of wood-fired cooking and easy maintenance.

- Opt for a gas grill for fast and even cooking. It will be perfect for pierrade, wok cooking and grilling.

- Prefer electric barbecues to obtain tender and long cooked meats. They are compact and easily transportable and fit easily into small spaces and balconies.