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The freezer compartment is a freezer particularly useful for those who use the freezer more often and needs a larger capacity. Unlike traditional freezers, with an opening similar to that of a refrigerator and characterized by multiple drawers, the chest freezer opens from the top and does not have predefined compartments.

How to choose a well freezer

The first factor to consider when choosing the freezer that best suits your needs is the capacity. For singles or small families, for example, a freezer with a capacity of less than 100 l will suffice. It is also advisable to select a model that allows you to organize the interior of your choice with the addition of baskets. Energy consumption is another important factor; in general, it is advisable to opt for models of class A or higher, so as to consume less and save more. It is also important to select a model with enough hours of battery life, so as to be insured in the event of a power failure. Depending on the models, different compartments may have a different temperature and the defrost can be carried out automatically or manually.

How to clean a freezer

To avoid the formation of ice and bacteria, it is important to clean the freezer regularly. Once all the food has been removed, it is important to unplug it and wait for the ice to soften, then remove it with a spatula, collecting the water with a sponge. Once all food residues have been removed, it is advisable to wash the walls of the freezer with the appropriate products or with hot water and vinegar. Once the walls have dried, the freezer can be switched on again and all the food stored inside.