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Innovative fridge-freezers for first-class freshness

A modern fridge-freezer combination can be found in every kitchen today. These combinations always consist of a refrigerator and another unit where food can be stored frozen. The freezer element can be as big as the refrigerator, or even consist of a simple small compartment. A fridge-freezer is therefore available for every need. Both the single household and the household of a large family can be equipped with a functional combination. Many well-known manufacturers, who have been offering large electrical appliances on the market for decades, are constantly developing the fridge-freezer combinations. All modern appliances, which are suitable both for cooling and for freezing food, are therefore today produced as energy-efficient models. That's why it pays to invest in new electrical appliances for every household, because the high-quality combinations help to reduce electricity costs.

Construction of the fridge-freezer combination

Cooling units inside the refrigerators provide a much lower temperature than the room temperature. Especially in the summer, perishable foods can therefore be kept in the refrigerator. The refrigerator of the freezer cools the inside to sub-zero temperatures below -20 ° C. Therefore, in a freezer or in the freezer element of the refrigerator not only frozen food from the freezer counter of the supermarket can be stored, even fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, bread and meat and fish can be frozen for the first time. Depending on the power of the freezer, more or fewer foods can be frozen at the same time. Hot precooked foods that are to be frozen should be canned and bagged before being stored in the freezer. All fridge-freezer combinations can be tempered at will. This means that the recommended standard temperature for refrigerators of 4 ° C and the ideal temperature for freezer and freezers of -18 ° C can be set higher or lower if necessary. This is a sensible option, especially during holiday periods, as it saves additional electricity costs. The modern fridge-freezer also has automatic programs that automatically switch to economy mode after selecting the "Holiday" function.

Size and volume of a combination

All fridge-freezers are made to international standards. Therefore, a fridge-freezer usually fits in any kitchen. Most combinations have a height of two meters and are usually 60 inches wide. Also, the volume inside the cabinets is standardized. Depending on the subdivision into the fridge and freezer element, combinations offer more volume in the freezer and sometimes more volume in the refrigerator. The most popular is the variant with a large fridge and a freezer, which has three drawers for the frozen food. Both in the refrigerator and in the freezer of the combination different areas are available for the storage of food. In the freezing element, therefore, meat and fish as well as fruits, vegetables and ready meals are frozen in different drawers. In most cases, the freezer offers a compartment in which the food can be kept extra cooled even in the event of a power failure for up to 24 hours. The refrigerators also provide the perfect temperature for all perishable food in an emergency for several hours.

Modern elements integrated in the fridge-freezer combinations

In addition to special compartments for cold cuts, cheeses and fresh fruits, the modern refrigerators also provide equipment for bottles, eggs and butter. So-called zero-degree zones ensure longer shelf life of particularly sensitive foods in the refrigerator. An ice cube maker and drinks cooler can also be integrated in the fridge-freezer. The most innovative models can even be controlled by app via smartphone these days. This means that with the smartphone, the contents of refrigerator and freezer can be detected, so that shopping in the supermarket is even easier. But for many singles, couples and extended families, energy efficiency and comfort of the combination are important for the purchase. Here are many large and small fridge-freezer combinations for your kitchen to discover.
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