Front Spoilers

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A spoiler changes the appearance and driving dynamics of your car with simple means. This component can be mounted on the front, sides or rear. Sports cars and racing cars are standard equipped with spoilers to regulate the aerodynamic forces at high speeds. Front spoilers are usually installed as a rigid element. Rear spoilers of certain models can be retracted or extended depending on the speed.

What does a front spoiler bring?

The front spoiler influences the flow of air around the vehicle during its movement. Turbulence is reduced, which can increase speed and reduce fuel consumption. Rear spoiler or wings improve contact pressure at high speeds. The vehicles are better with these supplements on the road and have a good cornering. Without the spoilers certain speeds would be unmanageable, as the racing cars could lift off the ground.

How to choose the right front spoiler

- For which vehicle is the front spoiler intended? Then the installation dimensions and the fastening solution are determined. Pay attention to the regulations for attachments to the vehicle so that you keep the operating license.

- Should the spoiler extend over the entire width? There are front spoiler for the entire width or corner spoiler, which are mounted only on the front outer edges.

- What material should the front spoiler consist of? Plastic is very light. Carbon components weigh little and are very durable. Metal spoilers weigh a little more and are relatively inexpensive.
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