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Fryers offer us an easy and convenient way to cook our food, from fried vegetables to typical dishes such as croquettes. Thanks to this small appliance, the annoying oil stains and the inevitable burns that originate fried in the pan, will disappear forever.

How does a fryer work?

The domestic fryer consists, in general, of a removable basket and a bucket. They are usually made of stainless steel and some incorporate in their design useful accessories such as alarm clocks, temperature controllers, ventilation systems and mechanisms to automatically lift and submerge the basket.

The biggest advantage of fryers is that they simplify the frying process, being able to cook large quantities of food at one time. First, the desired foods are properly washed and cut. Place the oil in the bucket and wait until it is hot (in the case that it is a fryer with oil). Subsequently, these foods are introduced into the basket until they are at the optimum cooking point. To remove some chips, for example, just raise the basket carefully and empty it in the container that we have prepared. In this way, the basket acts like a sieve and does not spill even a single drop of oil.

What types of fryers are there?

Currently, in the market we can find a variety of fryers, but the ones that are most adapted to domestic life are electric or gas fryers. An electric fryer has great mobility and it is easier to control the temperature since they usually have a thermostat that keeps the heat stable. On the other hand, gas fryers are very useful for making distanced frying and spend less fuel, so they are usually used in the hospitality sector. It is vital to find a fryer that adapts to our lifestyle, according to our usual tastes and needs.

What is the fryer that I need?

Thanks to the continuous advances in the world of small household appliances, there are very different fryers among which we can choose. All maintain their usefulness, but they cover very different characteristics that we must know to make the best decision when we acquire one. The most notable difference that we find today is in the use or absence of oil:

• How can you fry without oil? The answer is in the baking method. Instead of using the oil to cook the food, the fryer exposes it to a high temperature in the same way that an oven would work. Thus, a texture and flavor very similar to fried is achieved, but the use of fats is reduced to cook our dishes in their healthiest version. The only disadvantage of this type of fryer is that its price is somewhat higher than that of the conventional fryer. Although, if you want to reduce fats in your diet, oil-free fryers will be your best option.

• Traditional fryers or oil fryers have also benefited from these advances and we can see great improvements in their design. We can find them with self-cleaning systems and buckets with great capacity. Also, they have added a "cold zone" thanks to which the remains of food falling to the bottom of the bucket will not carbonize or emit odors. They have a much more affordable price than fryers without oil and, if you love the taste of a good fried, one of these will be very useful.

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