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Fuel additives improve the properties of gasoline and diesel and ensure that the engine of your car is always in top form. Various deposits and rust particles can cause considerable damage to the tank and the fuel system. Fuel additives prevent this damage and thus increase the performance of your car. Especially for seasonally driven cars and classic cars, fuel additives are important. Incidentally, the use of fuel additives also has a positive impact on the environment, since pollutant emissions are reduced.

How do fuel additives work?

Fuel additives are added to the fuel to improve it and to prevent any rusting. It often happens that the fuel filter is infested by bacteria and clogged - here, too, fuel additives are used, which can eliminate or even prevent the bacterial attack. Additives also improve the combustion process and optimize fuel consumption. Since most fuels are already enriched today, in some cases fuel additives may prove unnecessary. For low-traffic cars and classic cars, however, they are an absolute must to maintain the tank year-round.

How to choose the right fuel additives?

- How often is your car driven? For cars that are used little, the use of fuel additives makes sense. Even with vintage cars, the use of fuel additives is very important, because the car classics unlike new cars have a metal tank, which is particularly susceptible to rusting. - Which fuel is used? There are additives for gasoline and diesel engines.
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