Full-Face Motorbike Helmets

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The full face helmets offer total protection of the whole head and not only of the upper part, as in the case of other helmet models. They are useful when traveling at high speed, for example on large displacement bikes, to protect the face from wind and insects. The full-face helmet therefore guarantees greater safety in the event of collisions or falls.

How to choose a full-face helmet

There are different types of helmets suitable for situations and also for different types of motorcycles and scooters; they are available in different sizes, to adapt to all types of head circumference and also in smaller models designed to protect children in mopeds or motorcycles; they are sold in different designs, colors and patterns, which can be combined with the chrome of the bike or chosen with original and fun designs. They are almost all equipped with removable visor and there are modular models very comfortable from the city with the liftable chin, which allow you to discover only the face in the hottest days or, if you are still, to talk and be easily recognized.

Some models of full-face helmets are designed for motocross, have aerodynamic shapes and are particularly comfortable because they are suitable for prolonged use. They can be without visor or with removable visor because predisposed to be worn with the appropriate cross glasses. They are also equipped with air filters essential for racing on dusty grounds; the use of filters, however, is also convenient in the models of helmets from cities in conditions of high pollution.

Some integral helmets are equipped with integrated microphones that serve to communicate between the two passengers and also to connect mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Alternatively the sets of bluetooth headsets and microphones can be purchased and installed on any type of integral helmet.

To keep the helmet and avoid scratches and dents, bags often supplied with the purchase are also available, as well as donut-shaped supports; as well as the trunks, in various shapes and sizes, to be mounted on their two wheels.

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