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Improve your gaming experience with a gamer mouse

Specially designed for MMO, FPS, RTS or RPG games, the gamer mice brilliantly combine user comfort and ergonomics adapted to long gaming sessions. Minimalist or over-equipped, they are designed to support a succession of fast movements without dropping out. Lightweight, these high-tech accessories are essential to boost your in-game performance.

Mouse for gamer with laser or optical sensor?

If you are looking for the best possible precision with a low dpi level, the optical sensor gamer will satisfy you. This type of device is equipped with an LED sensor reflecting on the surface of the support. Accurate and responsive, it minimizes acceleration while adapting to the playing surface. Affordable, optical sensor models work on clean, non-glossy surfaces. Do you play with high sensitivity? The laser sensor gamer is for you. Featuring a laser invisible to the naked eye, this type of device can reduce the latency between the movement and its retransmission on the screen. Offering more precise control, this accessory is functional on almost any surface, including glossy magazine glass and covers.

How to choose your mouse for gamer?

- Bet on a game mouse with ceramic pads to enjoy a precise and silent glide.

- Choose a model with a ballast system to adjust the weight of the mouse according to your preferences.

- Let yourself be tempted by an accessory equipped with a 12,000 dpi Owl-Eye optical sensor to enjoy incredible responsiveness.