Garden Benches

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Benches - practical seating for the garden

Benches are a practical and comfortable way to create seating for several people in the garden. You can order benches of various sizes and styles that will blend in perfectly with your other patio furniture. Choose from a variety of materials and designs benches that visually enhance the terrace and the entrance area.

Which benches are available?

Benches provide seating for several people and are therefore a popular element of garden design. Whether on the terrace or as an eye-catcher in the entrance area of ​​the house, benches are always useful. There are benches in different variants in the online shop. Rustic wooden benches match the rustic style, filigree metal garden benches are decorative elements and benches made of plastic are particularly easy to care for. Featured are tree-benches and swings.

How to choose the benches for the garden?

- In what style should the garden bench be designed? You can choose between simple models with a straightforward design and lavishly decorated benches.

- What function should the bank perform? There are benches for up to four people and smaller variants for a cozy stay for two. Tree benches are placed around a tree and benches with swing function ensure a relaxing end to work.

- Which material is desired? There are garden benches made of wood, metal and plastic. Plastic is particularly easy to clean and easy to adjust due to its low weight. Wooden benches require special wood care and metal benches are comparatively heavy.