Garden Coffee Tables

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The beautiful days arrive and you want to enjoy your garden, terrace or even balcony? What better than a coffee table to take a drink, snack or simply put his book between two tanning sessions.

The different types of materials

One of the first things to consider when buying your outdoor coffee table is the material used. There are several of them:

• Wood: from fir to spruce to teak, you are sure to find the type of wood that suits you, but the price will vary depending on the type of wood chosen. Each type of wood resists differently to the weather, but in general it is advisable to apply a protective resin.

• Polypropylene: it is a lightweight synthetic material, easy to maintain and not very fragile. Note however that it is not particularly recommended if you live in a windy environment.

• Braided resin: this material is very popular due to its very aesthetic appearance and its resistance to weather and UV.

• Metal: the metal coffee table will bring a vintage touch to your exterior and resist moisture as long as it is rustproofed.

How to choose a garden coffee table

Beyond the material of manufacture, it is important to take into account the following characteristics:

• The size: it can go from 25 to 45 cm. You choose according to the use that you will make and your initial furniture.

• Shape: normal table or trunk table for more storage?

• Style: mismatched or matching the rest of your furniture?