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Garden tables are an indispensable object for the furnishing of outdoor environments: from gardens to parks; from balconies to terraces. They can be purchased in sets or with combined seats. In addition to large dining tables, with chairs and stools, there are also low tables suitable to be surrounded by sofas and armchairs for outdoor use.

They can be simple or refined objects that allow you to furnish outdoor environments according to all tastes; they are also useful for enjoying lunches or refreshments in the open air, alone or in company.

Materials and shapes of garden tables

The garden tables are available in various models: square, rectangular, oval and even more particular shapes. Many tables have a hole in the center of the axis in which a sunshade can be placed, so as to have a shelter centered by sun or rain. Some elegant and refined models also have a built-in ice bucket, to keep drinks always fresh.

As in many forms, garden tables are available in many different materials, suitable for all styles of furniture:

● Iron or aluminum tables: they are generally coated with special paints, which prevent metals from rusting with rain.

● Wooden tables: suitable to be placed under umbrellas and gazebos, thanks to the elegance and refinement of the wood. Often wood is coated with special paints that protect it from atmospheric agents.

● Wicker tables and other light materials: comfortable and often available in sets with matching sofas and armchairs.

● Plastic tables: from the most refined models, in different shades, to the classic single-color tables. The plastic is light and water resistant and therefore the tables of this material are easy to transport. Small tables are also available, suitable to form the classic "children's table" in dinners and lunches. Many plastic tables have extractable legs to further facilitate transport.

● Tables in stone, marble or concrete: generally for large tables, for very large gardens or public spaces such as camps and reserves. They are made to be placed in a chosen position because it is difficult or sometimes impossible to reposition.

Waterproof covers are also on the market to cover the table and protect it not only from sun and rain, but also from damage caused by food and drink.

Folding tables

The folding tables are designed to have a table that is also a compact, small and easy to transport object. Once closed, they occupy a very limited space and are also useful to those who do not have gardens or terraces, but love eating in public or outdoor spaces. Some models are made of a single piece and fold up to become real suitcases with handles.

They are made of light materials such as plastic, metal or wood. The folding tables are also very useful to be used in case of parties or dinners such as additional tables or table extensions.

Some folding tables can be screwed to the wall and are particularly suitable for installation on balconies or in tight spaces. Once closed they adhere to the wall occupying a few centimeters.

Finally, some camping models consist of a unique structure with chairs and a table, to facilitate transport and enclose all in one object

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