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When driving your car to work, shopping, family and friends, the gearbox is one of the most used parts of the car. During traffic jams in particular, this use can lead to progressive and advanced degradation of the gear knob which eventually requires its replacement.

How to choose a gear knob?

There are universal speed knobs that are suitable for many makes of cars and compatible with manual and automatic gearboxes. Otherwise, you have the option to choose a pommel adapted specifically for your make and model of car, for a precise and optimal choice. The choice of a universal model or adapted to your brand of car will depend on your preference vis-à-vis the material and the color.

You can opt for a high quality aluminum alloy model that guarantees safe and enjoyable use. ABS plastic models are also of good quality. They resist corrosion and at the same time guarantee a good feeling when shifting with a pleasant grip when driving the vehicle. If you want to add a touch of decoration to the interior of your vehicle, there are models in faux leather with a silver color where the speeds are indicated.

It may be important for you to choose a model that is easy to install to avoid any inconvenience. Then prefer a model that has adapters with rubber washers that adjust the knob on the lever rod at speed. Before you buy a pommel that is compatible with different car models, make sure that the model's attachment form matches your old model of shift knob. So you will be 100% assured that it is compatible with yours.

How to choose the design of a gear knob?

There are speed knobs with LED lights on the inside that are compatible with manual and automatic gearboxes. Some of these models are very design and come with USB adapters. You are then guaranteed to acquire a model that combines business with pleasure. Different colors are available and the parts that are lit vary depending on the model. Some illuminate speeds, others do not indicate the speeds on the top of the pommel and simply bring a light that illuminates the entire structure. The choice will obviously be made according to the tastes of each as many versions are available. You can also acquire a transparent model that has a neon inside, available in several colors.

Many models are available that will bring a real touch of decoration inside your vehicle.There are models of metal with a skull. For tuning fans, you can acquire an aluminum alloy model that will bring a touch of elegance into your car and will match the entire vehicle. You will also find for example a rotating cobra snake button, some of which have a LED light.
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