Glass Cabinets

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Cabinets and cupboards are not just for storing items, dishes, tea sets and tablecloths; but with their variety of models, dimensions, colors and functions are a fundamental element in the furnishing of the main rooms such as living room and kitchen. They combine taste and practicality and reflect the style of the house and its inhabitants.

Model and size of a piece of furniture can influence the general appearance of an environment. Vintage cupboards can transform the atmosphere of the kitchen, a glass cabinet to store and illuminate sophisticated objects can add a distinctive touch to the room, while a large bookcase with sliding glass doors will be the fulcrum of the entire living room or corridor.

Showcases, not just a matter of style

Classic, modern, elegant or minimal, the important thing is to meet the solution that best suits your space and your daily needs. Among the display cases and sideboards we also find those for model collectors, the smaller ones for storing keys and the larger ones for use as a pantry for the kitchen or bar.

How to choose a glass cabinet or a sideboard

To find the most suitable showcase or sideboard, in addition to personal taste, the use function, the materials and the colors to match the rest of the furniture should be considered. Heavier materials such as solid wood and darker shades diminish the perception of space, lighter materials and lighter tones increase it. It is very important to verify that the dimensions are suitable for the place where the object is to be positioned, remembering that a small margin between the walls and the furniture contributes in turn to broaden the perception of space.