Goalkeeping Gloves

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The goalkeeper gloves are a fundamental part when playing football in this position. Your choice should be based, mainly, on technical issues, and not so much on details as design or color.

Basic characteristics to keep in mind

• The palm: The palm influences the grip of the glove more than any other element. Here, the difference is marked by the type of latex, which is what will define the performance of contact with the ball. There are palms of high, medium and low range, and they differ from each other by the percentage of natural latex they carry. A higher percentage, better grip, but also lower durability, since natural latex is a very delicate material.

• The cut: Refers to the type of sewing that the glove carries between the fingers. There are four types:

• Flat: It is a flat cut on the fingers. The most used and the one that affects the smallest mistakes of the goalkeeper.

• Negative: The latex of the fingers and the back of the glove are joined with a seam, producing a greater tension in the latex, which increases the sensitivity of the hand, but negatively influences the grip.

• Rollfinger: It completely wraps the finger inside and out, but the tips are similar to the flat cut. It is an intermediate point between technique and grip.

• Hybrid: Each finger has details of the three previous cuts, to have the best of each one.

• Armed: It refers to the structure that forms the back of the glove as a protection. The greater the rigidity, the greater the protection, but the lower the freedom of movement.
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