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Manage computer graphics with latest-generation video cards

Also known by the term graphics card, the video card is an essential component for the proper functioning of computer hardware. Its pivotal function is that of transforming the electrical signals sent by the processor into video signals, so that the latter can be easily displayed on the peripheral device, ie on the screen.

AGP and PCI Express slots: what are the differences between the models?

The main differences between AGP and PCI Express slots, which can both be defined as link interfaces, relate to the speed of write and read operations in the memory frame of the card. Being equipped with two different channels, respectively for writing and reading, the model PCI Express is able to transfer data faster to the video card, which allows you to take full advantage of the processors. This aspect is in turn of fundamental importance for the purposes of graphics and video game management.

How to choose a video card?

- Evaluate the quality of the cooling system: the correct heat dissipation ensures higher performance, even at lower temperatures. - Checks the presence of a back plate, able to give solidity and protection to the board, without affecting the design and the purely aesthetic aspect of the product- Pay attention to the amount of RAM contained in the card: the amount of this value depends, in fact, on the color depth and the maximum resolution that can be obtained