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Bringing fresh, self-cultivated vegetables to the table is the dream of everyone who prefers healthy, genuine nutrition. Garden or garden greenhouses allow you to manage all stages of cultivation, from sowing to harvesting fruits, protecting plants from damage caused by atmospheric agents and maintaining optimal climatic conditions for their growth. The construction materials of the structures are designed to resist the stresses and the covering sheets allow the optimal passage of light.

Greenhouse for vegetable garden: tunnel or cottage?

With the same dimensions, the main difference between the tunnel-shaped greenhouses and the "cottage-like" greenhouses is the presence of shelves to arrange the pot crops. In fact, the greenhouses with squared structure allow to exploit even the vertical spaces and represent the ideal solution for growing small vegetables or ornamental plants. Depending on the height extension also the number of shelves varies, which can however be customized. Tunnel greenhouses, on the other hand, are optimal for growing in the ground; according to need they can be equipped with double opening or include modular elements, adaptable to the available space.

How to choose a vegetable garden?

- Consider the measures in relation to the place where the greenhouse will be placed - Select the type depending on the type of plants you want to grow - To make the seeds germinate, or grow small plants, opt for a covered seedling, equipped with thermostat for temperature control