Gymnastics Mats

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The gym mats are essential to protect our body from impact, friction or possible falls when we practice sports. When choosing a mat, we must take into account the type of exercise for which we will use it, the space and characteristics of the place where it will be placed and other issues, such as easy transport.

What gym mat do you buy?

Below, we briefly explain which mattresses are suitable for each activity, its advantages and disadvantages:

• Classic exercise mat: they are characterized by their greater thickness and by being covered with a resistant layer of plastic, which facilitates their cleaning. There are of all sizes. They are ideal for gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts or other contact sports because of their high capacity to absorb impacts. It is advisable to place them on carpeted floors, as they are not slip-proof.

• Landing mats: similar to classic ones, but thinner, smaller and collapsible, to facilitate their use alone, as well as transport and storage. They are also suitable for floor exercises.

• For cartwheels: they reinforce balance, muscles and bones. In addition, they are easy to store, and fit under any bed.

• Stretch mats: are those used to practice sports such as yoga or pilates. The yoga ones are thinner and easier to roll up, while those of pilates are longer and thicker, providing a more fluffy and smooth surface. In both cases, the lower part must be rough to hold onto the ground better.

• Adjustable mats: individual pieces with a puzle-style lace system, ideal for large surfaces or to delimit an exercise area. They are very useful for practicing sports on the ground, since they absorb light impacts well, and perfect, too, for the children's play areas.