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You can not always go to the hairdresser to get your hair cut or shorten your beard. Hair clippers and trimmers are the perfect solution for those looking for an alternative to the barber's chair and bill. Easy to use, quick and practical, this tool for the care of your appearance has evolved thanks to technological research.

Born as an electric razor, it has developed to become a high precision instrument suitable for different needs. In fact, there are many models of hair clippers that allow different cuts and adjustments to which you can combine the sets of accessories suitable for your needs and your style.

Hair clipper: advice for use

Hair clippers and trimmers are designed to allow you to cut, shave or finish your hair and beard independently. Suitable for men and women who prefer the practicality of a short cut, they are versatile tools with which you can make different types of hairstyles. With the aid of some accessories such as regulators and combs or digital functions, measurements and direction of cutting can be established.

How to choose a hair trimmer

The difference between hair clipper and beard trimmer is not just about the size of the model and the width of the head, but also about the length of the blades and the distance between the teeth. The cutting width of the hair clipper is 40 - 45 mm, while the width of the trimmer is 30 mm. For those who prefer precision cuts or particular finishes, it is advisable to use the latter or medium-sized hybrid models.

The material of the blades affects the cut: the ceramic is suitable for delicate cuts, the titanium cuts sharp, while the steel is suitable for precision cuts.

Power is another important factor to keep in mind: the cable keeps the engine power constant, but the battery allows more agile maneuvering space.
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