Hallway Storage Benches

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Have you recently moved into a new apartment and are you worrying about what your home should look like in the future? Buying furniture can quickly become a nightmare in which many wish to have their purse or partner left at home. A bench is not on the top of the list for many, but for a few years, benches have become trendy again, filling the Internet and furniture catalogs with brand new and cool designs. Adapted to our current living conditions, the bench has become a practical, multifunctional piece of furniture of the 21st century. For this reason, the seat of ours is now being taken a closer look.

Where are benches needed?

The bench has become a must-have product among the seating furniture, which in the opinion of designers and manufacturers in any household may be missing. The really cool thing about the bench is that it is used in every household or room because of its versatile designs and features. Benches have conquered hallways, corridors and the dining room. In the meantime, boring chairs are being replaced by stylish wooden industrial benches, providing more pep and seating at the dining table. Benches also feel comfortable in the bedroom, where they not only look good at the end of a bed, wall or window, but can also be used as storage for books, blankets or other personal belongings. In a really modern household, of course, the bench must not be missing in the bathroom, because there some hand-woven models can replace the good old wash basket. If you also have a garden, a balcony or a conservatory, you can of course also buy benches for outdoor use.

What kind of benches are there?

As a multi-faceted piece of furniture, benches come in many designs, sizes, materials and colors. Padded, with or without backrest, long or short - depending on your budget, buyers can let off steam or save money. The most popular design among family benches is the combination of bench and shoe cabinet. The seat is usually upholstered by special foam seat cushions and fixed to the seat. Many seats are also made without upholstery or have a flap, which also acts as a storage space.

However, the lower part of a bench is not hollow as with conventional benches, but comes with either compartments, chrome-plated metal pipes or wooden panels in which you

Can stow your shoes. Depending on the width and length of the seat, as well as the actual size of the compartments shoes can be stowed up to 30 cm or a shoe size of 44. For larger feet, a seat made of metal pipes or plates, which is open at the back, is recommended.

The combination of seat in different colors is available to your taste. Benches are available in classic natural look as well as in white or black.

When buying, however, should be taken to ensure that the material is stable and can be well loaded so that not only a person can tie the shoes comfortably.

For the hallway or the living room and bedroom, there are benches, which in addition to a seat, also represent a large storage box. These types of benches often look like treasure chests and are made of sturdy solid wood, water hyacinth, bamboo or rattan. Because of their generous storage space, you can store sheets, blankets, pillows or clothing that would otherwise find no place in the wardrobe. Depending on the type of material and its stability, these types of benches can be used as an additional seat or as a resting place in the house.

However, if you already have enough seats in the house and only want more storage space, you can fall back to foldable benches that are made of imitation leather or fabric already much cheaper in the trade.