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Halogen heater for fast, economical and safe heating

Halogen heaters are the ideal solution if you want to heat an environment quickly and quietly, without moving dust or dispersing heat. At your disposal you will find many models, different in number of halogen tubes, maximum power and heatable volume. Some devices are also equipped with a wide range of oscillation, to ensure an amplified diffusion of heat throughout the room.

How does a halogen stove work?

In place of traditional electrical resistances or hydrocarbon conductors, this type of stove uses halogen lamps to produce and diffuse heat in your home. Once switched on and connected to the power socket, the stove will work autonomously; in some appliances you can still manually adjust the heat intensity and activate or deactivate the rotation, according to your needs.

How to choose a halogen stove?

- Consider the maximum heatable volume, to understand if the model chosen is able to cover the entire surface of the room in which you intend to use it - To save as much as possible on consumption, choose a stove that allows you to adjust the temperature based to the needs of the moment- Make sure that the halogen heater meets the most important safety standards and is equipped with anti-overheating devices, protective grille and automatic shutdown systems in case of accidental fall- If you want to use the heater even in the bathroom, make sure which is suitable for use in humid environments
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