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Make music with a drum

Formed by a sound box and a vibrating body, the drums are among the most famous and widespread percussion instruments in the world. Their use has its roots in the most remote antiquity. In fact, the prehistoric populations, in fact, used rudimentary models, built with a piece of bark or leather kept stretched at the edges, in order to generate a characteristic sound, which was used as a lure.

Bongo and conga: what are the differences between the two models?

The drums are distinguished by the materials used, the format, and the geographical regions of diffusion. Two of the best known models are bongo and conga. The first is of African origin, is played with bare hands and can produce two types of sounds, respectively acute and medium. In general, the percussionist uses a pair of slightly different sizes to obtain a more varied melody. The conga instead, typical of Latin America, is characterized by a tall and narrow trunk and is played with a particular technique with four movements, called manoteo, slap, open and low, each of which corresponds to a certain height of sound.

How to choose a drum?

- Check the presence of a professional type of tuning system: the cross type, which requires the use of special bolts, is the most widespread

- Evaluate the quality of the materials used both for the structure of the drum and for the membrane

- Some models of drums provide the possibility of inserting a shoulder strap, which makes it more practical to use on the move
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