Handheld Vacuums

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Our day to day can be very stressful and, in many occasions, we do not have enough time to take care of the cleaning tasks. Therefore, small and manageable devices can be very useful in the process, since they allow you to carry it out efficiently and quickly.

Among the many tools we find in the market, handheld vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular devices. With the ability to pick up every last speck of dirt, this device represents a breakthrough in the hygiene of our homes and offices. Being smaller and handled by hand, they reach places to which large vacuum cleaners would not have access.

The corners, the spaces between cupboards and the hidden areas behind the furniture, are some of the corners that accumulate more dust and appreciate the use of these vacuum cleaners. With very variable powers between their models, and with different colors and shapes, the hand vacuum cleaner is a device that can not be missing.

Why buy a hand vacuum?

Its easy mobility and small size, make these vacuum cleaners the ideal device in the performance of tasks that involve greater effort on your part. For example, not only is it perfect for cleaning a home or office, but, among many other features, it can also be used, for example, to clean the hair that your pet releases from the sofa. With a hand vacuum, cleaning the interior of your car will be much easier, since with it you can reach even the most hidden corners of your vehicle.

What hand vacuum cleaner do I buy?

Being a tool that you will use very often, it is very important to choose the model that best suits your needs:

• Wired or wireless: Wireless vacuum cleaners are usually very efficient if you have ample space to clean, since you will not have to be disconnecting the power continuously. On the other hand, those that come with cable, while they can have the same power, are also cheaper.

• Before choosing the power of your vacuum, you should evaluate the use you will give it daily. If you are going to use it to collect the dust and little else, leave it for a lower power. On the contrary, if you want a very effective vacuum cleaner, choose between 500 and 800W. Keep in mind that these, although they are faster, also tend to be heavier.

• You must decide if you prefer it with or without a bag. In this sense, bagless vacuums are used for short and specific cleanings. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners with a bag allow you to use it many times in a row, accumulating the dirt inside, although it would force you to change it after several uses. In order for the vacuum cleaner to work at full capacity, it is important to thoroughly clean the tanks and air filters.

• If you choose a vacuum without a cable, it is essential to check the battery life. If we are going to need it very often, it is convenient to look for a powerful battery, so you do not have to be continually charging it before using it and do not force yourself to leave something half-empty due to lack of energy. In addition, the way to recharge the battery - via USB, via charging support or through the network - is one of the details that should be known before buying the device.

It is advisable to opt for the one that offers you the best facilities: the one that most closely matches the perfect balance between durability, efficiency and comfort.