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The right climbing equipment ensures your safety, whether in the hall or on the rock. A harness consists of several parts, such as hip belt, buckles, leg loops, safety loop, center loop, Haulschlaufe, loops and tie-in points. Climbing harnesses are available in different variants, for example as waist straps or complete straps for the whole body. Many are designed specifically for men, women or children.

The type of climbing harness that suits you depends on the type of climbing you run. Sports harnesses are well suited for indoor or outdoor climbing. They are mostly lightweight and have only two loops of material. Many have double-back or quick-release buckles on the waist belt that allow for quick donning and doffing. Standard harnesses for climbing provide four or more loops of material to attach equipment. They are lightweight and usually have comfortable padding for the hips and lower back. The leg loops are usually adjustable to ensure the best fit. Climbing harnesses for ice climbing offer many of the same elements, but at the same time have more settings for winter clothing.

To climb or rappel in the mountains, mountaineering climbing harnesses provide versatility and versatility for every season. They are usually made of thin and lightweight material and more comfortable to carry in a backpack. By default, these harnesses have four loops of material and many have an extra haul loop to attach a second rope.

Each part of the climbing equipment has a maximum permissible weight for your safety. Many climbing harnesses have certain fits that are suitable for men, women or children. Women's straps have a greater distance between leg loops and hipbelt, more padding and a specially shaped hipbelt. Children 's climbing harnesses are available in different models to suit the center of gravity and body size.
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