Headboards for Children's Beds

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When choosing the furniture of a children's room, every detail counts, from the spaces for storage, to the merely decorative ones. But, if there is something that attracts attention more than any other element, that is the bed. And, the headboards are those that bring to the bed more or less presence in the room.

Why choose children's headboards for the children's room?

Although obviously, when children stop being children, they will prefer to give a more mature style to the room, during their childhood they will enjoy seeing their room decorated with this type of head. These heads can give a funny touch to children's rooms, much more casual than the normal heads. The headboards have a mainly decorative purpose, so the choice of one model or another will be what will determine, mainly, how the room looks.

How to choose a headboard for children's bed?

• Size: These types of heads are generally 90 or 105 centimeters wide, since they are designed only for small beds. On the other hand, the height can vary considerably, from those that barely protrude above the pillow, to those that exceed several tens of centimeters.

• Design: What varies the most in children's headboards is the style, being able to find classic heads with neutral colors, modern headboards with some detail in more striking colors or, even, headboards decorated entirely with colorful drawings of their favorite animation characters.

• Materials: Although we will find exceptions, the two most used materials for the manufacture of this type of heads are wood and forging. Likewise, inside the wooden heads we can distinguish between varnished, lacquered or upholstered.