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Originally used by miners to handle their tools more easily, headlamps have invested the field of sport (including hiking and speleology) in the 1970s. Today, they also find their utility in everyday life. Become indispensable, they slip easily into the glove box of your car, your backpack or purse.

What is the use of a headlamp?

The main advantage of the headlamp is to give you a light source while leaving your hands free. It is worn on the forehead (or on a helmet), held by a headband that allows it to adhere to the head of the user and to direct the light at the same time as the look. It is ideal for both individuals and professionals, for activities such as DIY, mountain biking, trekking, mountaineering, walking, or just at home in case of power failure. It is also very appreciated during the night exits and works requiring a strong luminous power.

How to choose your headlamp?

- For home use, choose a single band lamp with batteries. For an outdoor sports activity, models powered by solar energy or a dynamo system are ideal, especially since they are very light. There are also waterproof headlamps for all aquatic activities.

- Choose a focused or unfocused LED model: durable and impact resistant, it will be energy efficient.

- Prefer a "reactive" lamp that, thanks to its sensor, automatically adjusts the intensity of the light.
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