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The aromas are not only a winning weapon in the kitchen: in addition to giving flavor to the dishes, the different plants have infinite virtues, starting from the health-giving ones. But if there are those who use them instead of salt or as a base for infusions and decoctions, there are also those who cultivate them for decorative purposes, to color and perfume the garden. In the garden, they create beneficial synergies with other crops and drive out harmful insects, avoiding the use of pesticides.

How to grow aromas

The aromatic plants are distinguished in perennials and annuals. Among the first are remembered sage and rosemary, which resist the winter, but also mint and chives, which with cold get withered and then reborn luxuriantly in the spring. Basil, parsley and saffron, on the other hand, must be re-seeded every year, even in practical jars to be kept on the balcony. Who, then, has a small cultivable area, will be able to exploit it following the principles of permaculture: a spiral of aromatic plants will embellish the garden, making different species grow in a small space.

How to choose aromatic plants?

- Choose from seeds, also organic, and comfortable potted plants, perfect both as decorations for events and as comfortable home aromas reserves - To create new and inviting dishes, entrusted to particular flavors like those of lemon basil - If you want to grow plants officinal, opts for species like lavender, from which a precious essential oil is obtained- To make a gift, focus on practical sets: those from Mojito are perfect for adults, while kits with aromas for pizza will make the joy of green-thumbed babies - To remove mosquitoes in a natural way pre-press with citronella
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