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Hockey stick for field hockey

Field hockey is a fast team sport in which 11 players per team compete. The game is usually played on (artificial) turf. The most important accessory is the hockey stick. This is very rounded on the right side. The ball may only be played with the flat side.

How do you keep a hockey stick?

The right racket attitude is absolutely essential. In field hockey there are no separate clubs for left and right handed players. With the stronger hand, which is the hand most people use to write, the bat is held up. The weaker hand reaches approximately in the middle of the racket. The upper hand rotates the racket permanently when the ball is dribbled and the lower hand provides stability. While playing, you always go slightly to your knees.

How to choose the right hockey stick

- Which hockey sticks are suitable for children? Children need a racket of the right size. Children under 1 meter play with size 24 hockey sticks.

- What size should a hockey stick have? He should go about to the belly button.

- Are heavy or light hockey sticks better? With heavy hockey sticks you can do harder punches, but the reaction time is a bit slower.

- Which hockey stick types are there? Crucial is the execution of the club, which is tuned to the use of striker, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper. Here is the J Hook, the Shorti, the Midi and the Maxi.
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