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It is often said that a home is where the people you love are. That is why the mansion with more square meters of the city may not be a home and, the smallest apartment, may become the most welcoming place on the planet. Although it is the will of its residents that converts a simple space into a home, furniture is the element that gives it personality and, in many cases, it is the own reflection of its owners. There are options for all styles; more to less ornamented, little or very ornate or pulling minimalists. For those who do not have time to go through all the stores in search of the perfect piece, buying furniture online is the ideal option.

What home furniture can I buy?

If you decide to furnish your home completely or partially, here you can choose from a wide variety of furniture, organized in a simple way so you can easily find what you need. Discover all the amenities you can count on in your dining room, living room or bedroom; the elements that can turn your garden into the most envied of the neighborhood; all options for both decoration and storage for bathrooms, kitchens, or corridors; or what is necessary so that spaces dedicated to children and babies become a special place in your home.

Where do you start to furnish a house?

If you are dealing with a tight budget, the first advice is to be patient. It is not necessary for a house to be completely furnished to move into it, with some basic elements it can be a living space. Thus, by sharing expenses and burdens when buying furniture, you can think long-term and invest head-first. Another recommendation is to think about the double function of home furniture. A classic example that can solve more than one headache is the purchase of a sofa bed, as it can avoid problems of space at bedtime if guests arrive.

Tips for preserving wooden furniture

The material that requires more maintenance and special care to always look at its best is wood. Being a delicate material you have to choose very carefully the products with which to treat it, but that does not mean that you can not achieve great results with common tools.

• Almond oil: It is a great option to polish wood, as it helps to hide cracks and soften surfaces, especially in small pieces.

• White Vinegar: It is a powerful cleaner indicated for the most difficult surfaces, and also for household furniture whose wood has become darker with the passage of time.

• Tea tree: It is one of the best disinfectants that can be found in the market, so it is an ideal option to make sure, in this way, to eliminate all the bacteria that accumulate.

Why do home furniture make noise at night?

The creaking of the wooden furniture has made a restless night pass to more than one, but the explanation of this phenomenon is very simple. The climate factor plays a big role in this, especially in winter. The humidity and the cold cause the wood to contract and, therefore, produce those characteristic crunches.

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