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Surveillance technology - Certainly a good feeling thanks to modern high-tech products

Modern surveillance technology no longer only takes place in public places, but is also increasingly used in private households. Various helpers such as intelligent door systems, cameras or motion detectors make it much easier to lock the door behind you.

What advantages does surveillance technology offer?

In times of constant theft and burglary offenses, sophisticated surveillance technologies such as burglar alarm systems, wireless surveillance cameras or glass break detectors ensure that the home or apartment can be fully protected to suit individual needs.

What should be considered when buying surveillance technology?

- In which areas can surveillance technology be used? Modern safety technology offers a wide range of very different application possibilities. The selection ranges from baby monitors to intelligent door opening and lighting systems to surveillance cameras that record videos in high precision.

- What must be considered when installing a surveillance camera? Owners can have their house or property monitored by a camera. However, care must be taken during installation to ensure that neither the neighbor's property nor a shared access route is detected by the camera. Filming an adjacent street is also prohibited. The legal reason is that otherwise the rights of third parties are not protected in their own image. In the entrance area of ​​a tenement, a camera may only be installed if all tenants agree with the installation.