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Light and easy to transport, electric cookers can be considered essential accessories for camping or in all those cases where you do not have a different type of food for cooking. The most common model consists of a metal base, generally made of stainless steel, and a cast-iron cooking plate. In some cases the plates can be two, allowing you to use more pots at the same time. A simple small knob allows you to adjust the heat intensity of the plate to your liking.

Induction plate or cast iron stove: what are the differences?

From a purely functional point of view, the induction plate differs from the traditional cast iron model because it is able to generate a magnetic field which, by means of electric energy, is transferred directly to the pans positioned above the stove. In this case, the energy yield is greater. As for the materials, cast iron is replaced by ceramic glass.

How to choose a portable electric cooker?

- Pay attention to the length of the power supply cable: the more it is fitted, the more comfortable it will be to use the appliance- The presence of non-slip feet can guarantee a greater degree of safety, preventing the object from moving and falling in the moment in which it works - Evaluate the overall weight of the article, especially if the intention is to take it with you on the road
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