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The humidifiers of air or saturators invade our interior. Why this craze? Simply because they are good for you. Able to improve the everyday life of the whole family, this equipment is particularly popular in winter when the air dries up due to heating. Small bonus: they adapt harmoniously to your decoration. Depending on the model, they help to create different atmospheres: relaxing, subdued, etc.

Why use a humidifier?

The dryness of the environment impacts our health. Whether ceramic or electric, evaporation or ultrasound, the humidifier can increase the humidity to purify the air and relieve some disorders or pathologies: coughs, colds, asthma, rhino-pharyngitis, ailments head, premature cutaneous aging ... Used with essential oils, it has even more beneficial effects.

Which humidifier to choose?

- For a small room, opt for an ultrasonic air humidifier. Sophisticated, he is silent and energy efficient.

- If you want a device with a long operating life, choose a model with a large tank.

- To avoid burns caused by hot water, prefer a cold air humidifier. It can have a refreshing effect in summer. If you are looking for extra heat, choose a hot steam model that destroys bacteria and prevents mold growth.

- If one of the occupants of your home suffers from immunodeficiency, the UV air humidifier is recommended. However, it will change regularly the ultraviolet lamps of the device, which are quickly depleted.
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