Ice Cube Makers

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It does not matter if you own a bar or a restaurant or if you want to try your hand at preparing delicious drinks to offer them to friends and family: with an ice machine you will not risk staying without and you can organize many parties full of taste and of freshness.

How the ice cube machine works

With the ice machine you can produce all the cubes you need, even in different shapes and sizes, effortlessly and in just a few minutes. Its operation is simple and intuitive. After you have inserted the power supply, the solenoid valve will open for a few seconds to allow the appliance to fill completely with water. Once it has reached its maximum capacity, the ice machine will start the refrigeration process, controlled by a thermostat that will regulate the temperature, lowering it to the desired level. At this point the ice will be pushed towards the blades, which will chop into pieces more or less large, depending on the input you have set. Then, the cubes will be poured into the ice-gathering container and you will only have to pick them up and use them for a thousand creative recipes.

How to choose the ice machine

- If you want a product that lasts over time, focus on stainless steel appliances

- If you're looking for efficiency, opt for ice machines that produce cubes in as little as six minutes

- If you need it for work, select a high performance manufacturer that can guarantee you up to 25 kg of ice per day

- Check the dimensions, because above all professional appliances can be quite cumbersome

- For maximum convenience, choose appliances with timer and with automatic cleaning systems

- To save money, check for the automatic shutdown

- If you want cutting-edge cooking, consider a built-in appliance that concentrates the functions of an ice maker and water dispenser