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One of the most popular winter sports is ice skating. Not only in ice sports halls, but at Christmas, especially on public ice rinks, you will find families and friends, who meet for a hot drink and a game on the ice. In Central Europe is rather less common running on frozen lakes.

Ice skating, speed skating or figure skating are just a few examples of other ice sports.

The differences in the different ice sports

Each skate consists of a solid shoe and a sharp blade mounted underneath. This reduces the frictional resistance and brings the whole body weight on a narrow, but long tread, so that the fast and windy movement on the ice is possible. Depending on the sport, the skates differ a little as the requirements vary.

• Ice Skating and Figure Skating

Ice skating refers to recreational activity, while figure skating is the sport discipline. The latter is practiced on a very well maintained ice surface, as the athlete performs many acrobatic and athletic jumps and figures. The area must therefore be optimal to drive. The skates reach here to the calf and consist of closed lace-up boots to guarantee a firm hold. The steel runners have a hollow ground in the transverse direction and a slight curvature in the longitudinal direction. They are about three to four millimeters thick. At the front part of the skid there is also a jagged edge, which is used to jump for various figures.

• Speed ​​skating

This discipline takes place on circular paths. The goal is to achieve the highest possible speed. The skids are much longer here than in figure skating: they are about 38 to 45 centimeters long, but only between 1.3 and 1.5 millimeters thick. Colloquially, they are also called bread knives. The cut is also very important here. The tread has a flat grinding and a slight curvature in the longitudinal direction. The shoe itself goes down to below the ankle and is usually made of goat leather. Many athletes ride him barefoot to have a better feeling.

• Ice Hockey

The shoes reach here over the ankle and usually consist of high-quality plastic, such as Kevlar. The soles are made of synthetic fiber. Likewise, an additional heel and Achilles tendon protection is installed. The skids are short, stable and about five millimeters thick. They also have a hollow cross-section and a slight curvature in the longitudinal direction. Thus, they withstand heavy loads, but at the same time also allow a high turning ability.

Differences in ladies' and men's skates

Also in this aspect, there are some differences in skates.

Women's skates are laced higher and extend beyond the ankle to provide better support and protect the delicate skin around the ankle. Although this also applies to men, but men often resort to lower models.

The inner life looks a bit different. Since a lady's foot is usually narrower than that of the man, the skates are also narrower cut. The shaft area is also kept narrower. The men's shoe offers enough space for the often more ready foot area.

Although rather minor, but still to notice that women's shoes often come in a larger color and pattern selection. While gentlemen resort to classic tones such as black, gray and white, women would like to have slightly more eye-catching models with ornaments and motifs.

More tips

Finding the first skates is not always easy.

Beginners should resort to running shoes and make sure that the skate, like a normal shoe, sits comfortably and does not pinch and pinch in some places. In addition, the blade should be well sanded, so it guarantees you a grip on the ice. Here it is worthwhile to resort to the higher-priced skates because the price often determines the quality.