Ice Scrapers

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In the winter months, the windows of a vehicle often have to be freed from ice. If the slices are damp in the evening, they can freeze overnight. In the morning all car windows are covered with ice. You can not drive in this way in your car. If you use an ice scraper, you can easily and quickly remove the slices from the ice. Most models are pleasantly compact. They can be stored in one of the door compartments and take no space.

Which ice scraper does not scratch the glass?

Car windows are made of tempered safety glass. The surface is tough, but if a material is harder than the glass, it can cause scratches. For this reason, ice scrapers are made of plastic. The material is tough enough to remove the ice while being so soft that no scratches remain on the disk. When scratching, make sure that there are no grains of sand on the glass or on the ice scraper. Sand grains are harder than glass and can cause scratches.

How to choose a suitable ice scraper?

- What size should an ice scraper have? The width should be selected so that the device can be comfortably held in the hand.

- What should be considered in terms of form? A wide area is recommended to quickly clear the glass from the ice. Thermo grip models protect hands from the freezing cold. Alternatively, you can put a glove in the vehicle. If you use an ice scraper with an integrated glove, you also provide your hands with effective cold protection.