Incense Holders

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Incense is an aromatic resin that has made the history of humanity. Derived from plants originating from East Africa, it has been considered a precious commodity for centuries and has become part of many cultures, both in the East, where it is associated with meditation practices, and in the West, where it is used for example in the Christian liturgy. .

Even today it is widely used: for meditation, in aromatherapy or more simply as a room fragrance.

To fully enjoy the benefits of this oleoresin it is appropriate to have the right incense holder, which is pleasing to the eye as well as to the sense of smell.

How to choose the incense holder

To choose the right incense holder, first consider the type of incense you have purchased.

The incense is generally sold in two formats: in the form of sticks or cones, both to burn.

The sticks can be made entirely of incense or bamboo sprinkled with incense. The simplest type of incense holder for these sticks is the so-called barchetta, a simple wooden strip with a curved top towards the top. Here there is a small hole in which to insert the stick, which will then burn remaining suspended and spreading its perfume in the air. However, there are more elaborate models: wooden cases with a compartment for the sticks, ceramic or stone supports, always with holes to keep the sticks in place.

However, the incense is also sold in small cones: for these in general containers with a liftable lid, in metal or stone, are more suitable, inside which the small scented cones are placed. These containers can have the most varied forms: from lotus flowers, a symbol of Buddhist culture, to dragon figurines, passing through small Zen landscapes. You can also use wooden containers, as long as they have a metal plate where to place the cone.

However, polyvalent supports exist, with both holes for the sticks and saucer for the cones.