Inflatable Boats

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Whether for adults or children, inflatable boats are the ideal item to make the most of your vacation on the beach, on the river or on the lake. Whether they are going to be used for sports, or if you want to use them recreationally, there is a great diversity of models that will help you to enjoy each activity to the fullest. You can use it for excursions between coves or to discover unreachable beaches on foot. Inflatable boats have been improving in quality and price over the years, so today, among many models, you will have to choose the boat that best suits your needs or future uses.

How to choose your inflatable boat?

Before purchasing an inflatable boat, we recommend that you consider the following characteristics so that you are able to choose the right one, depending on the use you are going to give it:

• Weight and design: If we are looking for a light boat, easy to handle and comfortable for passengers, we will have to choose an inflatable floor boat whose assembly and handling is much simpler. But if, on the other hand, we are looking for a faster boat with greater stability, we would have to acquire an inflatable rigid-floor boat. In addition, many of these boats can include a small engine to make navigation faster.

• Material: Inflatable boats are usually made of PVC, a material that supports much better the sun's rays and the adverse conditions that come from the sea, and allows you to save it easily thanks to its great flexibility. Others are made with neoprene, a material much more resistant, robust and malleable, intended for boats of more technical use. This is the ideal material for when we want to keep our boat always swollen and available for use. And, finally, we can find in the market an intermediate material between the two previous ones: the polyurethane. This material is formed by a plastic substance of great strength and elasticity, and is the element used for the construction of lifeboats.

• Size: Another way to choose inflatable boat is by looking at its size. It will depend on whether you need it for individual use, or if you need a boat with capacity for more than one person. The place of storage is also important, since depending on the site and the space that you are going to dedicate to the storage of your boat, you will prefer a smaller or larger size.

• In addition, it is very important to consider the safety and efficiency that the boat will provide you. The small models, usually manage much more easily out of the water, while, within the water, a bigger boat assures you a better stability.

What accessories do I buy?

In order to better enjoy our inflatable boat and get the most out of it, we should consider that it may be worth investing a little more in our purchase, and provide our boat with other elements that will make its use more comfortable. Seats, a repair kit, oars, a pump or a transport case are some of the complements that we could include in our purchase. At the same time, thinking about buying several security air chambers is a good option if we are going to use the boat, for example, in long recesses. Like investing a little money in an inflatable keel to provide more directional stability. And, finally, if you want your motor to be easy and comfortable, you should opt for an electric one. Are you looking for your ideal inflatable boat? View this collection of inflatable boats.