Inline Skates

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Inline skating - everything for the fast-paced trend sport

Inline skating is a trend sport for all ages. If you love to get out in the fresh air and find jogging too boring, you should try inline skating. With a few simple steps, the skates are attracted and already it goes out into the great outdoors.

What do you need for inline skating?

First, you need well-fitting inline skates. The modern models are very comfortable and give the foot the necessary support. Choose inline skates with ABEC ball bearings that fit your abilities. It is recommended to use a helmet as well as knee, hand and elbow protectors, as you can reach high speeds with the cool inliners and the risk of injury is high.

How to choose the equipment for inline skating?

- What type of inline skates would you like to buy? There are inline skates, each with four rollers and roller skates behind each other, where the four rollers on each shoe are arranged in groups of two.

- What size is needed? Most of the inline skates are designed for multiple sizes. Make sure that the shoe does not push, but also provides enough grip.

- Which ball bearings should the inline skates have? The higher the ABEC number, the smoother they go. Especially beginners and children should start with a model that is less fast.

- Which accessories are required? A helmet and a protector set complete the equipment.