Installed Ovens

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Lasagna, roast Sunday, gratins for winter, quiches for a picnic, how to do without an oven? Just peel some vegetables and bake them for a fabulous taste! Electric or gas, enjoy multiple integrated functions and let guide your culinary intuition!

Gas oven or electric oven?

It is often said that cooking in a gas oven produces more tender and tasty foods, however cooking is more difficult to control than with the electric oven. The gas oven is an economical choice, less expensive than the electricity consumed by the electric oven. But if you do not have city gas, a gas bonbone can be very cumbersome, especially if your kitchen is restricted. The electric oven has a greater ability to adapt. More modern, it is generally equipped with a multitude of functions helping you in cooking your food.

How to choose your oven?

Depending on the size of your household, opt for an oven with a larger or smaller capacity. You will find ovens with several cavities allowing you to cook several dishes simultaneously. If you have children, opt for a particularly safe oven (cold door, built-in door lock system). To choose your oven, think of the use you make of it and select an oven with the most suitable functions for your usual activity. For example, if you like to cook meat and fish, make sure to opt for a grill oven with a rotisserie. If you cook a wide variety of dishes and look for an oven that can be easily adapted to your needs, you will find many models of built-in ovens with rotating heat whose aesthetics and design will also guide you.